One Sad Chick

It’s one thing to dream of majestic unicorns, it’s quite another to dream of chickens with breasts so big they need double D cups to carry them. USDA Poultry Inspections Could Get Streamlined, Saving $95 million

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this scares me. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t trust the farmers that are providing us with our food, but when your biggest priority is high yield rather than purity, I feel some blind eyes will be turned to get those last few out to fill the stock. Food regulation is already very lax and labeling is quite vague, this will leave even more to  the imagination. Leaving poultry inspections in the hands of farmers is a horrible idea. How wonderful would it be to have a trusted government officer on site to perform daily or routine (yet thorough) poultry inspections?

This is just one reason why I currently can’t stand the sight, smell or thought of meat. If it happens, my ambivalence towards meat will finally end and I’ll assume a veg state. If it means driving 100 miles to a farm where I can see the environment and handling for myself, and picking out a chicken to enjoy once a year, then maybe that’s what I’ll have to do but it’s something I’m quite willing to give up.

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One thought on “One Sad Chick

  1. Gem says:

    If we look at how other businesses handle self regulation, er… Corporations handle self regulation, you too would come to the conclusion that companies that produce chicken products ( I want to be sure that people realize it’s not farmer joe with sunshine flowing across his field, but corporations with assembly lines and conveyor belts. Where chickens are rarely handled by humans but machines overseen by them.) author of this blog is 100% right in the understanding of current lax conditions. We as the consumer tell the makers of chicken


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