I don’t know nothing ’bout no football…


…but I know food and vegetarian appiteasers on Super Bowl Sunday are a healthy sprint to the end zone!

Being meat and gluten-free I figured Super Bowl Sunday would be a great day to save a few wingless chickens and try my hand at vegetarian appetizers that take home points for both taste and nutrition. The spread included Vegan Spring Rolls (cabbage, mushroom, marinated silken tofu and scallions), Gluten-Free Quinoa Pizza Bites (quinoa, mozzarella cheese, basil and fresh oregano dipped in pizza sauce) and a large mortar of my kick-ass guacamole with spicy organic blue corn chips. If the teasers weren’t as great as they were, I might not have made it long enough to see old-as-hell Madonna lip sync her way through the half time show, LMFAO be LMFAO (these guys should be heard and not seen) and M.I.A. letting the bird fly before a major censoring fail. Let me know if you’d like the recipes for any of the above appies and I’ll be happy to share!

Oh, and just to throw it out there…my new obsession is spring rolls. I just wrapped 20 of these bad boys for lunch tomorrow. Well, they’re not all for me, I’ll share a couple with my husband. Today’s spring rolls were stuffed with cabbage, carrot, mushroom, chives, red onion and scallion. They’re wrapped and in the fridge, ready for a cold lunch tomorrow. Yum!

On an ending note, anyone who’s had my food knows my love of coconut oil. It’s natural, healthy and very light tasting. You can use a little or a lot of it and it’s completely versatile (I’ve used it in my hair, no complaints here). My biggest problem with coconut oil is it price. At $10-15 per 15-ounce jar, you know I was using droplets of it while cooking just to save a few bucks. I’ve only now discovered that I can order it online direct from the company whose coconut oil I use the most. For just $45 I had 7 lbs of organic  coconut oil delivered to my front door, shipping included. Now that’s a treat! Give coconut oil a try, and please don’t buy into the fat rumors, it’s impossible not to love.

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One thought on “I don’t know nothing ’bout no football…

  1. I use coconut oil as moisturiser, too! Love the stuff! 🙂


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