Some Things Just Aren’t Meant to be Meeganized


I jumped into Meeganism without an introduction and I think this photograph presents a need for it. I don’t want to be criticized later for claiming to strictly be a vegan, gluten-free or organic blog. Meeganism is my dietary system, no matter how unaligned it may be. It’s food that’s simple, delicious and healthy (most of the time). We all have our own meeganism, this is mine.I stopped eating meat a little while  ago. I’ve lost faith in livestock farming and will only eat it again when that trust is regained. I’m running a gluten-free kitchen because I’m tired of putting my digestive track through the pain of breaking down something it clearly has a tough time with. I am eating eggs but only local, free range and organic. Eggs are my only source of animal protein and well I love them too much to completely eliminate eggs from my diet. I do my best to make sure that every grocery item I bring into my home is natural and organic.

But here’s the loophole…

I love food. It’s such a beautiful thing especially when we don’t abuse its integrity or our need for it. You can bet if I ever find myself in Italy I won’t be asking for a vegan, gluten-free menu, I’ll pack my probiotics and hope for the best. My diet is never aligned. I’ll eat an avocado and some tomato slices drizzled with olive oil for breakfast and be perfectly satisfied. Or rice cakes dipped in balsamic vinaigrette for a snack because it’s way better than croutons. I try not to be too restrictive with what I eat but I also won’t completely give up on my ideals when it comes to food. I’ve been great at sticking to this system but if I feel like having a luxurious eclair that isn’t necessarily gluten-free or organic I’ll enjoy it guilt-free because its a simple pleasures that I can afford.

On Sunday mornings my husband and I head to Little Italy to indulge in lattes and decadent pastries and it’s one of my favorite times of the week. Today I had a fluffy chocolate eclair with chocolate-hazelnut mousse (which at one point I used to sweeten my latte, yum!). It was heavenly and I managed to get through almost half of it before I had enough.


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