The Best Desserts Are The Ones You Can’t Pronounce

It’s not often that I go to a restaurant and get blown away by something on the menu. This mind-altering ice cream and pastry dessert from the Azores knocked my proverbial socks off.

Did you know that I’m half Portuguese? Quarter Portuguese? Fine, one sixteenth Portuguese. Ok, not really. But because my great-grandmother was the product of a strange union between a Guyanese and a Portuguese I’ll consider myself a fish in that diluted gene pool and stake my hereditary claim at this dessert. It’s really that good.

Have you ever had ice cream that was actually creamy? The texture of this fig ice cream is more like a thick mousse or a creme brule and, get ready for this, it’s not really that cold. I wish I could give you an exact temperature, or at least something to compare it to but it’s nearly impossible to describe. It looks like ice cream but it definitely doesn’t wash down the same way.

The little tart next to is a Queijada de Vila Franca do Campo, an eggy sweet cake that took me about three bites to completely demolish. It’s soft, delicate and oh so sweet, just the way my tooth likes it! The town of Franca do Campo on the island of Sao Miguel is famous for it.

So where did I get this dessert? Did I dish out thousands of dollars for a trip to the Azores? Did I hire a personal chef to come to my house and make it for me? No, I went to Boston for the weekend, stumbled on a harbor-front restaurant and took a chance on their special. While it’s not in my budget, Legal Harborside was able to hire chefs from the islands to fly in just for their month-long Azores special. I almost feel like making the three-hour trip back up there just for another bite.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Desserts Are The Ones You Can’t Pronounce

  1. Gem says:

    OMG! My mouth is watering and I want to know more about this myserious ice cream too creamy for words etc. Oh I want


  2. Sunshine Goodman says:

    Im in Boston for business and had this dessert at Legal seafood, got back to my room and have been searching for a place that will ship these…do you know of any?


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