Baked Goat Cheese and Oregano


I love brunch. It’s the perfect excuse to whip up whatever the heck you feel like eating without being judged if it’s before noon and a little booze is involved. It’s simple, easy food and it really sets the rest of your day in motion. This is Baked Goat Cheese and Oregano, another simple brunch dish with goat cheese yet again.

This recipe happened by accident last Sunday morning when I made goat cheese omelettes for the husband and I. In fact, it wasn’t even a spread initially. It was the creamy, oozy, scrumptious melted goat cheese that was lying at the top of my gently cooked egg, almost like the consistency of a soft boiled egg. I crushed oregano on top of the cheese and let it steam with the cover on to cook the top of the omelette while the bottom received direct heat from the fire.

While eating I sooner realized it was much more delicious to scrape the moist top of the omelette and spread it on my gluten-free toast. I did that until all I was left with was a large piece of fried egg. And thus the cockamamie idea of just making the top part of this omelette was born. Goat cheese and oregano are the two star ingredients of the dish–who knew they go so well together?!

If you let the eggs cook a little longer, you end up with a nice fluffy mass of egg and cheese and soft spinach below. Honestly guys, I can’t rave enough, this recipe is awesome, try it!

This dish is perfect for dipping! The bright orange jar in the back is filled with a juice cocktail of carrot, pineapple and ginger--a concoction I learned from my days as a juice barista.

Baked Goat Cheese and Oregano Spread

2 cups of spinach, chopped

1/4 lb goat cheese

4 eggs

1/2 tbsp butter

1 clove garlic chopped

1 tbsp olive oil


sea salt and freshly found black pepper

4 tbsp milk (I didn’t have any on hand for this recipe so you can either omit or keep it in)


1. Preheat over to 350 degrees. Heat frying pan and add olive oil and garlic. Let the garlic cook for about 2 minutes, then remove the garlic, leaving just the oil in the pan. Add the spinach and saute until softly wilted.

2. Rub the inside of 4 small ramekins with butter. Add a layer of spinach to the bottom. Sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top of the spinach.

3. Add 1 tbsp of milk (if using) on top of each layer of spinach. Crack one egg into each ramekin.

4. Crumble goat cheese on top of each egg. Sprinkle crushed oregano on top of the goat cheese and top with freshly crack black pepper. Cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes or until the yolks are cooked but still jiggly. Serve immediately with toast and dry roasted cherry tomatoes.

Tips: There are a few things that could elevate this dish if you are in the mood to deviate from the above process. Try putting the ramekins in a water bath to keep the top of the dish moist. Or you could also beat the eggs then pour them onto the spinach.

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