Farmers Market Find – Asian Inspired Fish Sandwich

I’ve on many occasions expressed my love of Chopped, my ultimate fantasy of standing before a basket of mystery ingredients with a pantry of opportunities before me. Well, there is no basket involved, but today I stood before a reusable bag of farmers market finds and boy did I succeed. This is my Farmers Market Fish Sandwich with Apple and Cabbage Asian Slaw. 

Oh, and before I casually breeze over the fact that I’ve posted nothing in a very long time, let me address it by saying I’ve been really busy and this week marks a major slow down in my schedule (stay-cation!) and more opportunities to start posting regularly. Since there hasn’t been any new reasons to visit lately, I’d like to say welcome back to old visitors and welcome to anyone who is visiting for the first time!

This morning I woke up with the specific intent of going to a farmers market. I have a few that are close to me including the Inwood and Bronxville markets so I chose the latter. It was much smaller than I expected but surprisingly had everything I needed including an awesome and rare breakfast of a coffee and Gluten-free, dairy-free banana, Belgian chocolate, walnut and coconut muffin made fresh by Mostly Myrtle. She is lovely and her baked treats are well, a treat! I brought home a slice of her Wicked brownie.

So onwards to what I found:

1. Red Onion – My only experience with red onion has been about 20 pounds of them rolling around a box in the produce section of the supermarket, so you can imagine my excitement at seeing a bright bunch of purple-skinned onions still attached to the green. I bought them for the sake of having them.

2. Sour Cherries – FYI, Watermelon Sourpatch candies are not what sour should taste like. If you want to experience real, pure sour, try these. And guess what? You may find them a little sweet at first taste!

3. Strawberries – In peak, in season, irresistible.

4. Fresh Garlic – I bought one head because they looked beautiful covered in a light dusting of soil, another eye-buy (see what I did there?).

5. Yellow Zucchini – Great shape, great weight and great color. I’ll let you know how it tastes when I use it!

6. Blue Fish (not pictured) – Local, wild caught fish from Long Island. This is a really fishy fish. It has a very strong smell and taste and lots of Omega fatty acids. I think it would be great for smoking or even pickling–it has a sardine/anchovy-like taste. I cut some of the taste down with a healthy dusting of turmeric and a few sprigs of thyme which did the trick beautifully!

7. Farmer Rolls (not pictured) – Just a regular wheat roll with a nice sturdy crust. It was a very meaty bread so I removed most of the innards.

8. Cabbage – I hate cooked cabbage, but fresh cabbage is delicious and I love the crunchy texture.

9. Red Plums (not pictured) – Soft, sweet and juicy. Perfect dessert!

Enough of that, lets get to the sandwich. I’ve been craving Vietnamese fish sandwiches for about a week now so when I was encouraged to play Chopped (my new favorite game) I went straight to it for inspiration. I’m not posting any quantities because I was in Chopped mode and couldn’t be bothered to record anything when I was trying to beat the clock (which I did with 25 seconds  to spare). If you do decide to try this recipe, play around with quantities, add more of what you like and less of what you don’t and definitely throw a few new things into the pot, it’ll make for a far more exciting meal. Also, feel free to use different fish such as tilapia, salmon or herring–there are many excellent options out there.

Grilled Blue Fish

1 filet of blue fish, skin removed


fresh thyme

salt & pepper

lemon slices

olive oil

Method: Combine all ingredients except lemon in a bowl. Make a pouch with foil paper, lay the fish down and place fresh lemon slices on it. Wrap tightly and grill for 20 minutes on medium heat, flipping once.

Asian Slaw

cabbage, chopped

carrot, julienned

red onion greens, chopped (or scallions)

1 red apple, chopped

red onion, thinly sliced

toasted sesame seeds


Dressing: red miso, sesame oil, olive oil, rice vinegar, mustard

Optional spicy mayo: Vegenaise or regular mayo, chipotple chili in adobe sauce

Method: Whisk dressing and add to remaining ingredients. Remove bread innards, toast on both sides while you’re grilling the fish. Assemble sandwich with the fish, slaw and spicy mayo (if using).

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