Sour Cherry Compote

When life gives you sour cherries, what do you do with them? Drown them in spiced rum and throw it on some ice-cream, of course! This is Sour Cherry Compote on Non-fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt from my neighborhood Fro-Yo joint.

While the name may suggest otherwise, these cherries won’t make you pucker. They are sour but it’s far more subtle that you’d expect. You can enjoy them fresh but they work best when cooked. I had a carton of in-season farm-picked strawberries and a bottle of spiced dark rum on hand so I decided to turn them into dessert. And just to put it out there, I’m horrible with dessert and can’t bake so this will be one of very few dessert posts you’ll ever see on here!

The frozen yogurt is from Yo-Burger, the new frozen yogurt-burger-shake-fries joint in Riverdale. They are a self-serve, soft-serve yogurt place where you pump your own yogurt, add toppings and pay by weight. A large tub (about 2.5 cups) ran me just over $9, but it was more than enough for 4 good servings.

Sour Cherry Compote

1 handful sour cherries (pitted)

1 handful strawberries, small

approx. 1 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 cup spiced rum such as Myers, Captain Morgan, Bacardi Select or Anejo

Method: Add cherries, strawberries and sugar to saucepan until sugar is completely dissolved. Add alcohol and bring to a boil until alcohol cooks out. Chill and serve on ice-cream or frozen yogurt.

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