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Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Olive Empanadas

I try to focus my posts on recipes that are simple and easy to make but this is by far the most complicated one I’ve posted yet. I don’t bake well at all and since these are made with gluten-free flour, they were much more difficult to manage than regular flour dough. But, the result was very satisfying and so I pass this recipe along to you. This is Gluten-Free Vegetarian Empanadas made with sweet potato, olive and mushroom. Continue reading

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These Strawberries Soak Up Wine Like A Cheap Date At Happy Hour

Valentine’s, Schmalentine’s. I don’t buy into Valentine’s Day, but I’ll definitely use it as an excuse to get juicy, organic strawberries drunk on champagne. Instead of plunging those poor strawberries into hot pools of fudge, why not get them happy on some sweet bubbly? This is strawberry and champagne made better in sangria

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