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The Global Animal Partnership and a Good Dog

I made a promise not too long ago that I wasn’t going to eat any meat unless I was sure that it was from a farm that took better care of their animals. I’ve done loads of research and came up with farms in California and Georgia that had exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to travel from New York City just for a little protein. Through my research, I found out about the Global Animal Partnership and the tremendous work they are doing to “improve the welfare of animals in agriculture.” Adding to my victory, I also learned that my local Whole Foods Market features meats that were raised under this program. Now, getting Stage-5 chicken and beef is as easy as making a quick trip to Whole Foods.

Today I bring to you an alteration to the classic hot dog using sausage that was prepared with meat from GAP’s 5-Step program. This is one good dog made with andouille sausage, whole-grain mustard and local sauerkraut.

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